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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve noticed that auto body work has changed a lot since the old days. We’ve changed, too, and evolved to offer our customers a great model for all kinds of auto body repair in the Broken Arrow, OK area.

Modern Equipment and Technique

In the old days, a lot of auto body repair involved pulling out dents in metal panels with long, thin rods.

Today’s auto frames and exteriors are made differently. You have a lot of new fiberglass and composite materials that get replaced in pieces, or otherwise fixed in new and different ways.

We’ve invested a lot in having the right equipment and gear for paint and body repair, auto glass procedures, window tinting and more.

Working with Insurance

It used to be that your car had its own monetary value that incentivized putting money into things like auto body repair.

Now, the insurance company is king. More Americans than ever finance their vehicles, and so they don’t really own them outright. When something happens, the insurance company dictates what the dollar amount is, and so we learn to work directly with insurance companies to help our drivers get back on the road in the best possible ways.

Rental Car Services

These days, you can’t afford to be without your car for a day – you can call an Uber, but you might end up spending a lot more time and money trying to get where you’re going. We offer rental car services for our customers and others who need a temporary set of wheels. Yes, there’s Enterprise, etc. – but sometimes you can get better service from a small, local shop. That’s our perspective.

The Best Talent

Today’s businesses run on talent. There’s a reason why we put a big picture of our team on our landing page. We believe in these folks!

We pride ourselves in working with honesty and integrity – in getting the very best people on staff, so that our business runs well, and so that we’re proud of what we do every day. Why would you want it to be any other way? Too many companies don’t put the effort into their company culture – even small local businesses tend to suffer from toxic personalities and mismanaged operations. Our rule is simple – treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Come see A-1 Auto Body for whatever your vehicle needs – whether it’s a cracked windshield, a dented bumper, or worse. We can make it better!