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On average, American consumers spend 1% of their annual income on car repair and maintenance. Most people pay a lot of money for the car they drive, which is why they are adamant about keeping it appealing. The main thing a person will initially notice about your vehicle is the condition of the paint. Maintaining the shine of your car’s paint job will grow harder as it ages. Some car owners think they can handle the car repainting process on their own. In reality, DIY car painting usually results in a lot of mistakes being made. 

Improperly mixing or spraying the paint can create imperfections that will reduce the appeal your car has. Hiring an experienced auto body professional to address this complicated work is advisable. With the right professional help, you can avoid the auto paint problems mentioned below. 

Paint Sags and Runs are Quite Common 

Most inexperienced car owners will fail to realize just how complicated painting a car can be. This process requires a controlled environment, quality supplies and extensive knowledge. Some DIY enthusiasts make the mistake of heavily applying new paint to their vehicles. The heavier you apply this paint, the higher the risk will be of running and sagging. These problems can also occur if you use too much reducer or thinner in the paint.

There is a very particular way you have to mix and apply car paint. If you are unsure about how to handle a new paint job, allowing professionals to tackle, it is a must. An auto body shop will have to time and experience needed to get your car painted and back on the road quickly. 

Dirt Can Get Trapped Under the New Paint

One of the first things a professional auto body shop will do when preparing to paint a vehicle is to clean the surface. If any dust or dirt is on the surface when the first coat of paint is applied, it can lead to big problems in the future. As time goes by, the paint on the car will start to look textured. Eventually, the dirt trapped underneath the paint can lead to issues with flaking. 

Saving money is usually the main motivation a car owner has for taking on a DIY paint job. In reality, you will have to pay more money to fix the mistakes you make during this process. This is why hiring a professional to paint your car from the beginning is a wise move. 

Dealing with Overspray

Preparing a car for new paint is a time-consuming process. If you fail to protect the windows and trim pieces on the exterior of your car, they can get paint on them. Dealing with overspray can be frustrating and expensive. Entrusting this work to a knowledgeable professional can help you get the results you are after. 

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